Citytrip Barcelona part 1

18 okt

Hello my friends,

Quite sometime ago I visited Barcelona, I was there to celebrate New Year.
Unfortunately New Year isn’t such a big thing in Barca as in Holland, so if you want to go there for a big NYE party, choose some place else ;-).. But if you love great architecture, nice weather, beach, great restaurants, clubs and you want to visit a city with all of these aspects, Barca is the city for you! I really enjoyed Barca and was really astonished by the beauty of it.

So here some photo’s of my trip!

You will see a lot of living statues on the Ramblas ..

Do you want to see everything of Barca?
Hire a beachcruiser @ , this is THE PERFECT way to explore the city.
If you book the full private tour, (about 4 hours) you will see every highlight and a Dutch guide (if you prefer Dutch) will show you around and you’ll have a stop at a tapas restaurant or as I did at a Champagneria, you can eat some tapas with the locals here and drink some Cava (my favorite, see beneath ;-)….)

Amazing sagrada familia

Romantic Barca streets..

Great architecture…

And shopping offcourse..

Soon photoreport part 2 of this amazing city….

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